hack dragon city free gems

hack dragon city free gems

Our hack Dragon City enriches you with many free gems. You do not want to spend real money on gems or gold in Dragon City? You want to improve in game but it all takes way too long? Then try our Dragon City hack and fulfill your wish. Because this hack is completely free and generates you extremely many gems / gold 100% FREE.

Welcome to our page about hack dragon city . Many players are looking for a working dragon city free gems tool to generate gems, gold and food. And that is possible now with our help.

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How to hack dragon city?

That’s the way it should look like now! Many Dragon City players have been using this hack since its inception. This hack, with its easy-to-use structure and easy setup, is the absolute favorite of many Dragon City players who can not or do not want to spend real money.

More than 5600 users have been registered to date. More than 50 users per day use our Dragon City free gems hack. We promise to get your desired amount of gems / gold and food right to your Dragon City account within minutes, without any compromises. Because we offer here a FREE Dragon City Mobile Hack. Be one of the best players in Dragon City and now generate your diamonds.

How safe our site?

In addition, we protect our users with a perfectly programmed anti-spell feature that is already integrated into the Dragon City Hack. Thus, you are protected from any danger and completely anonymous. Please do not pass on your password. We do not want a password or security question.

Of course, we also created a video tutorial for our Dragon City free gems. In this video, everything is explained step by step how exactly this hack is used, or should be set, so that it works.

hack dragon city proof

hack dragon city proof

How do I hack dragon city?

  • Enter your username. (No password or email)
  • Select the system you are playing on.
  • Activate the secure connection. (Anti-spell)
  • Now connect to the hack server.
  • If everything works fine, you can now choose the number of gems and gold.
  • Consider the Maximum Daily Possible Number of gems and gold is 999,999 pieces.
  • Now all you have to do is start the generator and let it work for you.
  • Finally, you just have to verify yourself as a human being and show that a human really wants to use this hack .
  • Detailed instructions for people verification can be seen in the video.
  • Restart Dragon City.
  • Have fun


You can download and play Dragon City for FREE, but there are real-money in-app items to buy. If you’d like to disable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases in your mobile device’s settings.

Become the greatest dragonmaster of all time! Build your own city on the Floating Islands and fill them with farms, habitats, various buildings … and of course dragons!

Connect with Facebook so you can save your game and play on all your devices. So you have your dragon babies everywhere.

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gems are no problem with the Dragon City free gems hack

Whether or not you use the Dragon City Hack depends on how well you manage your available resources, how to fight monsters and earn more resources. There are several tasks throughout the game to test your skills in these areas.

There are currently about 550 kites available in the game. To advance your dragons, you need food that is grown on the farm. This food can help to gain the necessary gold to make progress in the game. Dragon food can be purchased in several ways. This can be particularly labor intensive and time consuming if needed within a short time. Luckily, the Dragon City Hack can help you to get these gems free of stress and in no time.

In fact, with the Dragon City free gems you get the ultimate control over the game, and that includes choosing the game experience you want yourself. The hacks give you access to unlimited resources such as gems, food and gold. If you prefer an unlimited supply of resources to start the game, it’s yours. If you want to use only a small advantage later in the game, you can do that as well. What all this is trying to do is to point out that you are in control – everything is at your feet. So if you want to try the tool right now, you can do it via the button below.

A quick review of the game

Dragon City , a social networking game officially launched in May 2012 by Social Point for PCs and Facebook, has proven it will continue in the future. The official launch on the iOS platform in April 2013 consolidated the popularity of the game on many devices. Its further release on Android in August 2014 also made it a ubiquitous social network game. Regardless of how the game Dragon City is played, you can be sure to play one of the best games on Facebook.

First of all, the game is a fun factor. In addition to being able to raise your own kite, you can also build your own mighty kite city on a floating island. Incredible, is not it? So incredibly entertaining and exciting is the game. In addition to this, you get to pick up gems as the game progresses, build your city from scratch, gain experience and expertise, and search for your dragon’s well-being, energy, and growth, and this will not go without the necessary encounters and obstacles Process of doing all this. And believe that this is the place where the fun is! To overcome these obstacles, you need a Dragon City Hack to help you.

To show that you are a master in the craft of kite training, you are expected to feed, feed and train the dragons under your guidance to become invincible. You can then bring them into the fighting arena to compete with other players as soon as you are sure that they are up to the task.

You need a Dragon City Guide

The game has about 100 dragons in stock that players can unlock if they have resources to access them. While some of these dragons are very easy to unlock, others need to be carefully bred and groomed so a player has a chance to have them in his team.

The goal of the game is divided into two parts. While some try to become the best killer and trainer in the game, some players are only interested in having the strongest team for the multiplayer arena battles. However, these goals are similar in some ways, because to have the strongest team you must probably be the best kite trainer. And to do that, you need to find some reliable Dragon City scammers.

Dragon City Free Gems Hack

Remember the hint that this is an exciting game? Here it is. Because developers want you to feel like a winner at all times, there is an integrated guide that will help you along the way, no matter what your goal, and once you practice a little of what you’ve learned, it will appear to show what you have achieved. That it’s about dragons does not mean it’s a “horror” theme game, no. It actually provides for an individual decoration of your dragon city, and that includes the kind of buildings, farms, and floor plans you desire.

All in all, Dragon City is a well-structured game and you will find that out. Even if you did not think of ever being a dragons trainer (even as a joke), if you get a small chance at this game, you’ll get stuck and get involved. Talk about what parents achieve by raising a dragon from hatch to adulthood.

Here are some tips to help you get on with Dragon City

Their dragons need food to grow, and the more you feed them, the more levels they progress to become very strong and powerful creatures. What’s more, the resources you earn in the game depend on the number of dragons you feed. And that’s what makes many people look for a working Dragon City Free Gems Hack . Because getting all the gold, food and gems to get ahead can take a long time.

Regardless of which resources you have at the beginning of the game, you should aim to create as many farms as you can. The further the game progresses, the more opportunities there are to upgrade existing farms or build new ones. In order to make the most of these operations, it is best to ensure that the resources come from these farms.

Clear all open spaces

Aside from the actions you must take in your area or farmland, you can also occupy more land for yourself by just clearing it. Although it costs money to remove such land, come to realize that the investment is worth it. If you click on a rock, bush or tree, it will be removed; if you do, they will be prepared to build when you are ready. If you plan to use the Dragon City Hack , do not worry too much about it. You can do it later for free.

Understand the specifics of each habitat

Habitats are the whereabouts of your kites and are very different. It is therefore essential to evaluate all habitats and to know the kind of kites that can live there. In fact, it’s better to build more marine, natural, and flame habitats than Terra habitats in the early stages.

Perform hybrid experiments

One of the main features of the game is the hybrid creation. This means that different types of kites have to be combined to create another species, and if done more than once, this can lead to different results. For example, the intersection of flame and terra-kites can lead to either a flame-rock dragon or a volcano dragon. The same cycle can go on and on for the newly created species to create a whole new mix. It all depends on how you want it. The Dragon City cheats can be very useful when it comes to it. The unlimited number of gems allow you to experiment with all sorts of kite combinations.

Always try to create as many dragons as possible, because along the line you could sell them to get gold or other resources that will be of use to you. This simply eliminates the need for Dragon City Guides as they will not be able to supply you with the same amount of gems.

Earn gems without spending money

The main currency of the game are the purple gems, which can be purchased for free in eight different ways:

  • Progress in the levels;
  • Demand daily bonuses;
  • Participation in the Monday special bonuses;
  • Participate in surveys and promotions sponsored by the game;
  • Invite friends to play to receive five gems per invitation;
  • Participate in Dragon League tournaments to receive gold and two gems. You can fight up to three times a day to get the most out of the gems;
  • Fight and build a Dragon Stadium. For every fight you get some money and two gems;
  • Use the Dragon City cheats to generate them. This is the fastest way, but not everyone knows how to hack Dragon City.
  • It goes without saying that earning free gems seems to be priced. It is therefore advisable to keep them only for necessary and unique items.

Collect all legitimate rewards before you stop playing

Finally, before you finish your game session, activate your farms to grow crops for a longer period of time and collect the gold from all habitats (go to each of the habitats and click the “Collect” option), even if the Symbol is not visible.

Now that you know the most important tricks of Dragon City, you can be sure that you will enjoy the best gaming experience. Always remember to fight, invest in farms, clear land, experiment intersections and build stadiums to get as much resources as possible.

Using the Dragon City Hacks

There are two important elements for a successful game, namely common world elements and ancient elements. Unlock the orders for these two things so you can be sure to play a successful game with Dragon City cheats . These cheats help you to speed things up and allow you to focus on the essential aspects of the game. This generator does not need a download, jailbreak or Apk-Mod and works on Windows, iOS and Android. It runs online in your browser and it can generate unlimited amounts of resources. It does require you to do a survey from time to time to complete the process, but that’s not often.

The developers said they will keep this tool up to date. So the chances are good that this will continue in the future. But it is best to use it now while you can. You will not find any other cheats, tips or tricks that are more useful than this tool. The same developers also revealed some bleach brave souls hack .

There are some things to keep in mind when using the Dragon City Hack Tool . In addition to knowing everything about the basic kites, one must also reduce the consumption of food, especially if the gold bar is low.

Dragon City cheats

Another important aspect of the game is the habitat system. It may seem confusing and difficult to distinguish at first, but over time it becomes clearer that the game is all about focusing elemental dragons with similar elemental crystals. Also, the Dragon transformation is not left out. For the scammers is a simple thing to remember that you will be rewarded with gold, if you sign up for the logins retrospectively.

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